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What will humans look like in 1000 years?

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Artist Nickolay Lamm teamed up with a computational geneticist named Alan Kwan to envision a future of what might humans look like in a hundred thousand years.

Well, this is just one idea of what humans might look like if we survive another hundred thousand years.

Humans beings have been spreading across earth for Thousands of years, It is believed that we generated from "Southern Africa" around 200,000 years ago and around a hundred thirty thousand years later we migrated outer Africa and colonized pretty much the entire planet within these tremendous years humans have used and destroyed parts of the earth for our own benefit we have invented all sorts of things to improve our own quality of life and have only recently started to worry about what our actions mean for our home planet. But what if our time is up? What if the human species was wiped out?

AsapSCIENCE: "The ability to drink milk through our lifetime, known as lactose tolerance, evolved about 10 (Ten) Thousand years ago, Over the last century and a half, the average height of a human being has increase by roughly 10 centimeters and within the last 6 and a half decades the global life span has shot up nearly 20 years largely thanks to science."

Reddit comments point out that we don't know what we don't know so it's hard to predict.

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