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Bug burgers and cricket crepes: Britain's first insect restaurant opens in Wales

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"worm fudge" is not a good word pairing!

Agreed. Despite its accuracy it lacks a certain salesmanship.

When I was in school, I played in jazz band with a brilliant drummer who raised worms for a living. He recommended you dry them, grind them up, and put them in banana bread!

I would eat that banana bread!!  Especially if walnuts!

I just don't want to see/feel bug legs or organs.

Which is why cricket is sometimes ground into powder before it's used in foods.

Because a lot of people don't want to see or feel those things.

Cricket is like a land shrimp! Tastes pretty good after being fried and dusted with chile powder like they do in Mexico.

The bug I don't like is silkworms, which are a common street food in Korea. They look, taste, and feel like other people's fingernails.

I can't believe you guys don't watch Andrew Zimmern's TV shows! He's always chowing down on, like, fat maggots and snake wine!

Snake wine?

I've never seen Zimmerns.  Is this what you're talking about?

Yes! I like the Kimchi Fried Rice ...

It was after a visit with some Korean Hawaiian families in Kona that I got addicted to the stir-fried kimchi and rice dish here. It’s an awesome side for any Asian-inspired meal…or perfect on its own for lunch with a crisp salad.

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