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The Week in Geek 9/29/12

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Semi-regular update on the world in tech by a grad school prof of mine who knows his stuff.

I didn't realize the ARPUs are way lower on mobile:

More than half of Facebook’s active user base log on via mobile. This is great for the firm, in that engagement from the pocket happens more often. But mobile users are less engaged with ads, the firm’s primary revenue source, so the ARPU (avg. revenue per user) of mobile users is lower than on the desktop.

Funny that Facebook demands a 30% cut from its partners but doesn't want to pay PayPal a much lower cut:

Facebook Gifts won’t accept PayPal, either (Facebook says its margins for real gifts are too thin to share the additional cut PayPal takes). By grabbing your credit card, Facebook could position itself for broader commercial payments plays, perhaps even competing with Square, LevelUp, and others.

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