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This sixth grader will sell you strong passwords for $2 a pop.

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A born crypto entrepreneur! 

And she was featured in xkcd!

Mira Modi, 11, started for people who don't want to get hacked, but also don't want to take the initiative to avoid getting hacked.

Modi creates passwords by hand using a system called Diceware: She rolls a six-sided dice and then matches the string of random numbers she gets to a list of English words. Each completed password is six English words combined together, so it's both easy to remember and tough to crack. If you're new to the system, the xkcd comic Modi references on her site is a fun starting point.

So far, Modi has delivered about 30 passwords for $2 each via snail mail and in-person transactions, she told Ars Technica. She learned the technique from her mother, who wrote Dragnet Nation, a book about privacy.

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