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Real talk about how much a DUI costs

real talk about how much a dui costs meme imgur uber surge pricing sucks but not as much as a $12k DUI ticket

Everyone knows that it's dumb to drink and drive, but a lot of people don't know HOW DUMB. If I had known before I got one, it would definitely have made it easier to dig out a few extra bucks for a ride home! So as a public service, I'm going to share my raw dollar figures for a 2011 DUI in the state of California.

Towing $300

Auto repair $2008

Lawyer $3500

Fine $1781

DUI school $742

Community service fee $140

Drivers license reissue fee $140

CHP fee for the privilege of being arrested $526

High-risk car insurance for 4 years $2880


Grand total $12017

I paid every dime on the dot without extensions or installments (which will jack the price up even more) and I didn't miss any appointments at all so this was the minimum cost and time that a DUI in California can incur. I also did not commit extra misdemeanors while I was on probation. And finally, I did not injure myself or anyone else while drinking and driving -- which is one of the major causes of death and injury for people under age 35.

Do the math for yourself. You can spend about $58 every week on rides home from partying and still come out ahead.

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$12,000 is a lot of money. And it doesn't even take into account our time!

Dat insurance hike tho....

Some people who have to drive for a living lose their jobs over DUI's.  A vibrant legal specialty converting DUI's to Reckless sprung up around that.

One of the people in my DUI school was a young lady who lived with her mother and got her car insurance as part of a bundled policy. She failed to inform her family about the DUI, but they found out anyway... when her mom's homeowner's policy was cancelled. AWKWARD. I learned a lot in DUI school, especially about human nature and the power of denial.

In my county they will only plead you down to a wet reckless if your blood alcohol is .09% or lower... so there's a LITTLE bit of wiggle room but not much.

Lapsing your homeowner's policy in Florida is the true meaning of tragedy.  Nobody wants to insure our hovels.  

Geege because hurricanes? Or some other reason?

Halibutboy is a wet reckless less hazardous to insurance rates than DUI?

Yah, you still have to go to DUI school and possibly jail/community service, but your insurance rates don't go up as much.

Adam, yep, hurricanes.  Ever since Andrew.

But Andrew was a long time ago and there have been many hurricane-free years since then!

Also I wonder if self-driving cars will be big in Florida.

I think they will. And that, in turn, will reduce the DUI problem there.

It's an enduring problem.

AM Best Financial Strength Ratings for Florida’s home insurance companies

After Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and accelerating after Katrina in 2005, Florida’s property insurance market changed dramatically. State Farm & Allstate, used to insure one-third of Florida homeowners before 2004. Since then, Allstate has withdrawn from the Florida property insurance market, as well as Nationwide, Hartford, and Travelers. State Farm & USAA are still in the market, but have cancelled many property insurance policies.

The big companies with the largest shares of the home insurance market in other states, won’t insure Florida homes, or are not selling new or additional policies, because of the high claims costs in the state. If you are lucky enough to be insured with State Farm, the largest home insurer in the USA by Far, its Florida subsidiary, State Farm Florida Insurance Company, is still unworthy of any of the “A” ratings (A-,A,A+,A++) for financial strength from AM Best, with a B+ (Good) financial strength rating, as can be verified at the State Farm Florida Insurance Company AM Best financial strength rating page on the AM Best website. I try to avoid companies with less than A- AM Best rating, but that is very difficult for Florida homeowners.

Although insuring with one of the major home insurers in the country, like State Farm or USAA, lends confidence in their ability to pay claims, most Florida homeowners do not have the option to insure with these companies, and almost all the companies willing to insure their homes are smaller companies not rated by AM Best.

That's the problem with many insurance companies. They only want to insure then they can't lose. 

But... how can you buy a home without insurance?

Banks don't seem to care about quality of insurance and they'll "force" cheap insurance (purchase for you) if you lapse by adding it to your mortgage.

But the cheap insurance essentially does not insure you, right?

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