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How to willfully alter your brain’s ability to willfully alter your brain’s abilities...

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Our brains can change themselves!

In a way, you can simply will yourself into a new physical form – that is if you use your will to routinely move heavy things, run around, or eat fewer tacos.

Just as you can change your body at the atomic level by lifting weights, exercising, or eating differently, you can willfully alter your brain by performing another physical act: thinking in a certain way.

Haha, 'tis true about this: "...isn’t a new whoa-dude-bong-hit idea..."

It's impossible to not change yourself.

What's been most interesting to me over the decades is intentional change and walking the path to mastery of that illusion...

(cue Robert Mitchum's voice) the end of each day, all over the country, nothing satisfies so many people in so many ways:



Intention is delicious.

Intention is delectable!

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