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Unions Are Basically Dead and That's Really Bad

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The U.S.’s low unionization rates come with consequences for its workers. It leads rich nations in low-wage jobs—more than 20 percent of jobs pay less than two-thirds of the median wage. And the U.S. ranks in the bottom third of countries in terms of its work-life balance. Americans work about 1,790 hours per year on average, but workers in most wealthier nations work less than 1,600. 11.8 percent of American adults work long hours; less than 1 percent of Dutch workers put in more than 50 hours a week.

Unions are a casualty of the conservative movement in America, right?

Yesh.  (I don't like the right wing has co-opted the term "conservative".)

They're called conservative because they're conserving their energy by not wanting to change anything. :)

I'd be willing to wager that those who would most benefit from unionization are spurred to frothingly vote against it.

Yes that does appear to be the case. 

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