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A 12,299-Mile Road Trip Through 70 of America's Best Craft Breweries

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Loves loves loves there's a brewery named "Clown Shoes".

Yes that's awesome. How long does a 12,000 mile beer run take?

"You mission, should you choose to accept it, entails driving 12,299 miles for about 197 hours through 40 states to complete the trip, according to Lau’s calculations. You’d be stopping for one or more drinks in 28 of the states. If you’re staying near each brewery for the night so you don’t drink and drive, the whole trip can take you roughly 20 days. But if you’re planning to explore some of the other breweries and brewpubs along the way (like in Vista, California), you might want to carve out a larger chunk of time."

20 days seems exhausting. This feels more like a 3 month trip!

Leave of Absence for BEER!

Is there a better reason for leave of absence? :)

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