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Black Death from Ratatouille

Source: YouTube Video

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I'm surprised. I thought bubonic plague was eradicated.

A 16-year-old girl has contracted bubonic plague believed to be from an infected flea's bite during a hunting trip in Oregon.

The victim - who has not been identified - fell ill five days after she started the trip near Heppner, Morrow County, on October 16.

She was taken to an unidentified hospital three days later and is recovering in intensive care. Her condition is unknown.

Let's hope mother nature isn't planning any comebacks any time soon. 

Yes, let's hope so. Also lets hope for a World War Z sequel. 

Definitely not eradicated... Y. Pestis is a gram-negative, highly adaptable and sophisticated little bug... It's not going anywhere

I'm thinking maybe it needs a new name to represent its new threat. 

Bubonic 2.0?

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