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12 Steps of Recovery from Self-Driving Car Hype

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Long but super-informative piece about the reality of self-driving cars, with a panel of experts from EE Times.

I need to stop being so gullible.

Tesla had given its Model S sedans access to such self-driving features as unlocking Autosteer, Auto Lane Change, and Autopark for use on U.S. roads.

It’s pretty remarkable how Tesla has made all these ADAS features possible -- simply flicking the software-upgrade switch.

But despite Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s repeated cautions that “these features do not turn Tesla's cars into fully autonomous vehicles,” we’ve seen YouTube clips in which Tesla drivers make idiotic and potentially dangerous decisions, treating the Model S drive as though it’s fully self-driving. In such a video clip, the driver is sitting in the driver’s seat, but holding a camera instead of the steering wheel. Better to get a nice photo of the pedestrian you run over?

IHS Automotive’s senior analyst Mark C. Boyadjis said, “A car that can drive on its own for 15 seconds isn’t an automated vehicle. Not, by most standards.”

Tesla drivers, the brightest folks on the road, call to mind an urban legend that made rounds over the Internet 20 years ago:

[Collected on the Internet, 1995]

This guy saves up and finally buys his fully loaded dream van. There’s even a fridge and TV in the back. Heading home, he sets the cruise control, leaves the drivers seat and heads for the fridge to get a beer. Meanwhile, the van drives into a ditch. When the paramedics ask him what happened, he says he can’t understand what went wrong with the auto-pilot.

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