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What happened to Manually Manage music in Apple iTunes 12.2?

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I just hate Apple so much right now.  I finally took the time to figure out why my iphone unloaded all my favorite songs and loaded a bunch of crappy songs onto my phone.  They meant to do it that way.  Now I can't control what's on my phone and even worse, I can't bulk manage what songs I want.  The only way to do it is onesy-twosey on the phone, but even that doesn't work right without having to disable icloud music. 

So they just removed the manual feature? That's rather awful of them. 

Yes, so right now you have to choose between having your itunes library stored in the cloud and accessible or managing your music one by one on the mobile device.  I guess they build software for people who have ADD/ADHD and not for people who like to sort and manage their music and pay for their services.   Speaking of which, I hate having to pay for the service but then getting thousands or errors for duplicates and "this song does not qualify" and other errors.   So much for just having it work. 

The bottom line is, never up grade your iphone iOS or your itunes. It only gets worse. 

Don't get me started! lol

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