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Is Florida a Checkmate for the Romney Campaign? | Analysis Intelligence

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analyzing presidential race through intel techniques

The importance of Florida has not diminished since the 2000 election and recount as evidenced by the GOP holding their nominating convention in Tampa. A win in Florida would put President Obama over the 270 required votes and earn him a second term in the White House; likely voters from Florida currently support  President Obama over Romney by 5%.

The Romney campaign needs to reverse this trend, and it can do so by focusing on key entities and issues that Floridians are talking about, information that can be derived from Recorded Future. With Recorded Future, we can outline the events relating to Mitt Romney and their associated sentiment as found in Florida-based news publications. These findings can focus on the negative issues associated with the candidate to better spotlight his problems there.

This is key to understanding why he changed his positions so much during the debate.


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