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Productivity Rules: Want More Productivity? Think 1913, by Dawn Strobel

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What I learned from this article is that there are things other people are better at doing:

That’s why I believe the best productivity hack is to get your office or company or team working like an assembly line. This does not mean productivity is enhanced when people are chained to one job day after day, getting bored, handling things with half their brain tied behind their backs. People should be challenged and given the chance to learn and innovate. Look for balance. Encourage people to learn and change and climb through the ranks, but always with an eye toward, as the carpenters and mechanics put it, using the right tool for the job. When you can use an open-end wrench or a socket, it is never a good idea to use an adjustable except when there is no alternative. At minimum the job will take longer, and worst case you will round off the head of a bolt, costing more time and money.

What I’m saying is match people to their jobs based on their best skills, then pass the project off to another who has the appropriate skills for that part of the project. A person’s best skills are typically their most productive, so they will move quickly through their portion of the project. 

Actually, as I think about it, there is probably a corollary lesson, aside from “think like Henry Ford.” It would go something like this: “Entrepreneurs, if you want to improve productivity, learn to let go.”

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