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Man Builds A Special Kayak To Take His Dogs On Little Adventures

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Who wouldn't enjoy going out on the water with their two best friends in a handmade boat? I don't even like boats but this seems delightful!

It does seem delightful! Super cute, Joyce!

Do not try this at home if your best friend is a panda, however. Naughty pandas have been known to tell people they can swim when they can't, and also to sink kayaks! NOT THAT I AM BITTER

Pandas probably would enjoy swimming VERY MUCH once they learned how.  :)

I propose that we use CRISPR-Cas9 to insert some sea otter genes into the baby pandas, thereby creating a chimera with roly-poly swimming ability!

Splicing sea otter swimming genes into baby pandas would be an excellent use of gene editing IMHO.

that dog in back has been around for a while... what a sweet old girl, loving her boat time!!! <3

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