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Hello Adele cover by a Korean Girl from Seoul Music High School

Better than the original?

A student from Seoul Music High School singing Adele's "Hello"How she sings and expresses "Hello" is just amazing!

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Wow, she's amazing. Makes me like this song more!

The original:

2000 Reddit comments on the Korean girl's version:

wow! (about the korean student) totally epic voice she has in that tiny body!

Wow on the Korean girl, not Adele right? :)

well, adele always gets a wow.

Sign language can be expressively beautiful.

i wonder how well sign language translates song though.

i mean, the music is so beautiful... that is mostly what moves us.

is watching this without sound interesting?

i wonder what goes on in the minds of deaf people when watching these signed songs...

After watching the Eminem one too, it looks like maybe not the most accurate ASL? but both are very expressive, and the style of music comes across.  The sign language and music together are the most complete, but if one can't hear, at least the ASL gives you probably the closest feeling to the song possible.

this is top!


that led to this:

Wow they're good!

Wow they're excellent!

yes!!  i love how good so many people are at singing... makes me believe in bigger things.  :)

Me too! Especially Adele covers by a Capella groups like the Dolls.

...or Rolling in the Deep by Mike Tompkins and his beatbox...

I like the Alice Olivia cover of Adele Hello too.

Rob Riggle and Ken Jeong parody Adele Hello about the NFC East 11/8/2015:

Better version of this video:

"Romo's on the sideline, and a decent backup's hard to find...."

Deal with it:

"I think I finally get Adele. Because loving and losing' hard as hell..."

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