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The problem with Solar LED lighting? It attracts dangerous insects.

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So what's the problem?

Let's temporarily set aside the potential problems of financing and sustainability for individual householders unused to looking after complete solar systems. There is one glaring issue with providing electrical light into otherwise non-improved residences like mud huts with corrugated iron roofs: flying insects.

Many different types of insects are attracted to light sources. This is either in search of a mate or after taking a meal. Many insects attracted to lights may be harmless, but key species are known vectors of disease that affect both humans and animals. These include:

Ironically, it is low-energy LED light bulbs that are the most attractive due to the fact that they emit more blue light. This is such a major issue that attempts are underway to tune LEDs so that they attract a smaller number of flying insects.

So we should replace those LEDs with bug zappers?

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