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I can't play frisbee anymore after watching this Hard Ticket to Hawaii clip.

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Top Reddit comment:

There's so many things right with this clip.

  • The girl just running with the frisbee and tossing it ever so slightly
  • That amazing continuation of her having the frisbee and then suddenly he has it in the next shot
  • Darlene or whatever decides that it's the perfect time to remove her shirt while confronting someone
  • "Who's that turkey with ya?" "He's just a thrower!"
  • "Sorry buster - you ain't allowed here". On a public beach.
  • Why are you wearing khaki long pants to the beach
  • Does he have a string tied to his glasses btw?
  • And why do you have a big ass gun strapped to you and instead ask for him to validate himself by throwing the frisbee
  • Nice frisbee tricks man
  • After realising that he does, in fact, have hand eye coordination skills, he places the gun onto the beach towel. Because fuck trying to kill him, frisbee4life
  • Frisbee bag
  • To get her to "get lost" he throws the frisbee for her to fetch lmao
  • Also was that double armed push necessary or 
  • "You got a great ass!" And then leaves the camera to ogle for 5 seconds before returning to the plot
  • "You don't look so hot to me!" But, as stated before, the dude would be extremely hot. He's literally dressed to go to a board meeting, not to have frisbee fun times at the beach.
  • "See if you can catch this!" Okay he did it. Congrats. Now what are you going to do?
  • Isn't it impractical because when he throws it he's cut himself as well? Let alone throwing it?
  • that music and slow mo
  • that frisbee annihilated him wow. did he hit like an artery or something holy shit
  • and finally - that fist pump? You didn't get a three pointer you fucking killed a guy with a fucked up ninja star, I don't think it's appropriate in this situation at all

Hard Ticket to Hawaii skateboard assassin:

Cult Classic!

I haven't seen the movie but if it's anything like the clip, heck yes!

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