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Somebody took out a full page ad in The Hollywood Reporter to pitch a Die Hard sequel.

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i hope they make this movie

Die Hard 6?

they are making it. it is a question of what the story is. This person took out an Ad to pitch a nice movie.

Origin Story makes it feel like Planet of the Apes.

That idea is officially titled Die Hard: Year One, and rather than make you read the whole ad, we’ll just give you a synopsis here: It opens with a 60-year-old McClane being shipped off to a federal prison for reasons the audience doesn’t know yet. It then flashes back to the ‘70s, where young McClane is investigating the murder of a little boy. Because of his propensity for breaking the rules, McClane accidentally lets his only suspect get away, and the trail goes cold. Fast forward 34 years, and while McClane is in Russia during the events of A Good Day To Die Hard, the body of that suspect is discovered along with DNA evidence pointing to—dun dun dun—John McClane.

Upon returning to the U.S., McClane is arrested and convicted of the murder, at which point he’s sent to a huge prison full of super-criminals—most notably a pair of Middle-Eastern terrorists. McClane’s wife then finds some evidence that proves he didn’t do it, but when she goes to the prison to show it to him, a riot breaks out and the prison goes on lockdown. Eventually, the rioters take over the prison and capture a bunch of hostages, at which point it’s revealed that the riot was part of a scheme to break the terrorists out so they could pull off some kind of attack in New York. This is where it gets good, so we’ll just quote Wilkinson’s whole line: “However, the one thing [the] terrorists didn’t count on was the one man who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time…and when it comes to John McClane, old habits die hard.”

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