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To PandaWhale: Less Emails Please

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These days i am receiving a lot of emails from PandaWhale and it kind of results into less interest to go to the site. These emails are being sent because i m following those topics. i guess it's not a good reason to send this many emails!


as we used to say at Zynga, be careful not to kill the channel (which Zynga certainly did in the early days). Linkedin was brilliant at managing email and thus had very high click through rate.


* I'd make the unsubscribe in the email more clear that you are unsubscribing to just one kind of email (i.e. stashupdates), to make it easier. Right now they all say "unsubscribe to this awesome email" and I like my daily summary. in fast, I wish it had more in it.

* do daily digests on high volume updates, like stash adds. Then add in the daily email "Switch to digest" link

So fewer emails with more value, please!

Thanks Rajan and Christina. Working on it.

For now, turn off the notifications for emails for "what a stash I follow gets a new Convo" here:

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