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Single course of antibiotics can mess up the gut microbiome for a year, by Ars Technica

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Good reminder that your microbiome is not a single monolithic thing -- a course of antibiotics may kill off your gut microbes but your mouth microbes won't care at all.

It's also helpful to remember not to consume meat from animals raised with antibiotics because consuming such meat will kill bacteria in your microbiome, too. 

Top Reddit comment:

Just in response to those people who promote the use of probiotics:

Almost all otc probiotics are composed of food derived cultures, primarily Lactobicillis and Bifidobacterium. These cultures do not naturally colonize the intestinal tract, and because of this you would need to consume these probiotics (or yogurt cultures) pretty much daily. These won't do anything to restore your natural gut microbiotum. However, they might help to prevent certain strains of bacterium, namely C. diff, from overpopulating and causing pathogenesis. Ultimately, there is little clinical data that supports probiotics. I wouldn't go out of your way (and out of your pocket) to purchase probiotics when you can accomplish the same thing from ingesting yogurt.

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