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After Endless Demonization Of Encryption, Police Find Paris Attackers Coordinated Via Unencrypted SMS

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I guess the "intelligence community" is not going to let this crisis go to waste in arguing for compromised encryption in all the things.

Fascinating that the attackers couldn't be bothered with encrypting. 

Like they were daring the police to figure out what they were doing. 

Since most of these plans haven't been caught even when the people were being surveilled they probably (correctly) concluded there wasn't much point, and may even have been safer to use unencrypted communications if they weren't being watched so carefully.  The push for encryption is all about taxation and control, not terrorism, and the current propaganda campaign to give the FBI "the tools" to spy on your stuff looks pretty embarrassing in this light. 

Three Pipe, I can see why they concluded there wasn't much point to encrypting since you're likely right that most plans aren't caught even unencrypted.

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