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Antibiotic resistance: World on cusp of 'post-antibiotic era'

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They identified bacteria able to shrug off the drug of last resort - colistin - in patients and livestock in China.

They said that resistance would spread around the world and raised the spectre of untreatable infections.

It is likely resistance emerged after colistin was overused in farm animals.

Bacteria becoming completely resistant to treatment - also known as the antibiotic apocalypse - could plunge medicine back into the dark ages.

That's an overreaction.

A better reaction is that antibiotics were never a good solution because they kill good bacteria too.

We're going to have to create a different set of treatments.

The book Herbal Antibiotics by Stephen Harrod Buhner documents the treatment of every major antibiotic resistant strain with herbal cures -- that is not, treatments but cures with specific strains of bacteria matched to the herbs that cure the infections.  The book is painstakingly cited to medical journals, but only a small number of the journals are U.S.-based.  But in many other countries scientific herbalism has already been widely adopted.  The big corporations just don't seem to want to touch non-patentable solutions.

Agreed about the big corporations.

Perhaps this will usher in an era of "open source" medicines, enabled by CRISPR and other technologies.

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