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Who Turned My Blue State Red?

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Maybe the best explanation I've ever read for why economically disadvantaged parts of the country seem to be going ever more opposed to social safety nets. One of the most amazing things about this is that EVEN THE PEOPLE WITH JOBS in these areas tend to be sucking on the teat of the government... don't the nurses, sheriffs deputies, teachers, and highway workers realize that if Uncle Sam shuts off the taps, they are goners too?

If the Republicans stand for social mobility then I'm missing something. 

The people in these communities who are voting Republican in larger proportions are those who are a notch or two up the economic ladder — the sheriff’s deputy, the teacher, the highway worker, the motel clerk, the gas station owner and the coal miner. And their growing allegiance to the Republicans is, in part, a reaction against what they perceive, among those below them on the economic ladder, as a growing dependency on the safety net,  the most visible manifestation of downward mobility in their declining towns.

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