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How this woman went from being homeless to becoming a top Intel exec shows why you have to chase money sometimes.

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This is kind of sad: "In order to fit in, Bryant had to work hard to be like "one of the guys." That meant talking more aggressively ("learning how to swear like a sailor," she says), buying a BMW with manual transmission ("engineers love BMWs and would never drive an automatic," she says), and drinking scotch ("neat").

"As a minority, you need to figure out how to fit in, how to operate in a way that is conducive to the majority population," she said. "So I abandoned my shy ways and became very assertive."

And things have worked out so far. After 30 years, Bryant is the most senior woman at Intel and is one of the most powerful female execs in Silicon Valley."

You're right, that's sad. Makes me never want to work for Intel. 

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