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The Marine Mono Is a Supercar Built for Life on a Superyacht

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I like the phrase "life on a super yacht". :)

YOU CAN GET a lot of toys for your superyacht. Water trampolines. Water slides. Water sleds. Water skis. The problem is, as these names suggest, they’re all made for fun at sea. And no matter how swank your boat is, you’re going to spend some time in port, and you don’t want the fun to end just because you’re on land.

That’s where Ian Briggs comes in. He’s the guy behind Briggs Automotive Company and the Mono, a superlight supercar designed purely for fun, preferably on a track. “It has no transport function at all,” Briggs says. “We set out to design a piece of sport equipment for an extreme sport.”

That single-seat design is pure awesome, and now Briggs and his Liverpool-based company are tailoring it for a very specific set up customers: yacht owners.

The Marine Mono is a concept that riffs on the the Mono, with a few tweaks to optimize it for life at sea. The metal components get a rust-resistant finish, and the electronics are protected from the corrosion inflicted by moisture and salty air. The car’s roll hoop accepts a strap, so the car can be loaded and unloaded easily.

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