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Jar Jar Binks Sith Theory Explained

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The thing about this theory is that I want it to be real, but I can't imagine it is. There's this really awesome energy behind this theory, and I know the reality is that it's just trying to fill the holes and make those bad movies into something good watchable.

I watched Episode 1 when the theory was first posted. I actually enjoyed going through the movie and trying to pick out things to support the theory, and to be honest, I can't watch the movie the same anymore. It is a deeper, more enjoyable movie with this theory, even if it is "wrong" as a fan theory.

I'll also say this: If Jar Jar was initially planned to be the "main evil" behind Palpatine, and he truly was influencing everyone in the film, not only does it make the first film more watchable, but it does seem to explain the rewrites, the filler characters (Dooku), and the ridiculousness of Jar Jar's ability to "luck" out in a universe where there is no "luck".

This is one of the silliest, yet compelling, fan theories about Star Wars that exists, and I really like it. Don't listen to the haters, even when Episodes 7-9 prove us wrong, it will still make me laugh.

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