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How to be like Steve Ballmer

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What would Steve Ballmer do?Imagine a tech CEO gatecrashes your party.

Timeline 1, you’re gatecrashed by Steve Jobs. He’ll come in. Everybody will think he’s cool. He’ll put better music on the sound system. He’ll ask for, and perhaps bring, some much better drinks than you had. Everybody leaves thinking he was the coolest guest in the room, and they all feel a little less cool as a result.

Timeline 2, it’s Bill Gates. He’ll be friendly but awkward. He makes good conversation but somehow the party is a bit limper because he’s there. He apologizes because he forgot to bring anything, but he doesn’t really know the party etiquette.

Timeline 3, Steve Ballmer. You open the door to his enormous grinning face, and before you know it he’s in the hall handing over a bottle of something cheap (but with such confidence you don’t notice) and he’s giving you the handshake of your life. Then he’s in. Loving it. Loving the music. Loving the food and drink. He’s going up to everyone, saying hello. And after a while you realize he’s started balling “thanks for coming, great to see you man!” toyour guests. By the end of the evening it’s his party and everybody had a great time. That’s Steve Ballmer.

Steve Ballmer: Life of the party!

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