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Graying Japan Tries to Embrace the Golden Years

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Its women live longer than any humans have ever done, and the country has one of the lowest birth rates ever seen... but some Japanese businesses are trying to see opportunity for innovation and profit in the extreme aging of Japan. Not gonna lie, there's still a lot of bizarre sci-fi stuff here -- like half the country's 70 year olds employed as caretakers for its 80 year olds! -- but for demography junkies like me, this stuff is endlessly fascinating.

Are there any other factoids like the 70 year olds taking care of the 80 year olds that stand out to you?

Old people can wear like what amounts to SUPERHERO OUTFITS or exoskeletons that help them perform demanding physical tasks.

I'd like to have one of those too! I want to be a superhero!

Seems like the aging population has created a need for more robots doing jobs in the future. 

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