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The League cast and creators discuss what made the show work for 7 seasons

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Most hilarious when it was actually about football, less so when it was about the gross sex lives of these losers... but still, cheers to The League!

We also had a woman in our fantasy league draft while she was in labor! And we play with someone who is such a Taco that he named his CAT Taco.

Does the article say why The League is ending after 7 seasons instead of continuing on?

I didn't read the whole thing, but my guess is a combo of "made all the funny jokes about fantasy football" and "some of them are too famous now, partly due to the show".

They don't say so you're probably right. 

Jon Lajoie was the perfect Taco:

Jeff: We had this character of Taco that is exactly what you see in the show and when we met Jon—he was the first person we cast in the show—and we just went, “How is it possible that what we wrote actually existed? You’re perfect!”

Jackie: Jon was improvising from the minute he walked in the door. He was great.

PS: I knew of his work—I wouldn’t say like “Oh, that’s Jon”—but his videos were so huge. What I remember about Jon’s thing was that he was doing something that a lot of people do, but he was doing it in such a smarter, better way.

SR: I met him the first day of shooting. When I heard he was doing the show I checked out his videos and I was like, “Oh my God, this kid’s got a million hits on YouTube” and it was incredible. Meeting him I was like, “Okay, he’s not that impressive. He’s sort of a loser.” My opinion hasn’t really changed over the course of seven years.

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