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A Guide to San Francisco Architecture

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Very nicely done guide to (mostly domestic) architecture in the city of San Francisco. For better or worse, most of the homes you still see in the City by the Bay have no exact counterparts elsewhere... even a couple of miles outside the city limits!

Homes reflect the times they were developed.

Design is like a time capsule. It captures the aspirations of the moment during which it was made. I’m obsessed with historic design because it tells a visual story of our human experience.

If you know what to look for, you can see the story of San Francisco in its homes. In the earliest styles, you can see the growth of the city from a scrubby frontier settlement into a cosmopolitan city. Every era had its own look. Turn of the century aesthetics show SF’s struggle with the advancements and losses of Industrialization. During the last century, change happened crazy fast. And modernist design reflects technological and social upheavals that transformed the city’s cultural and actual landscape.

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