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This Mycelium Death Shroud Will Return Your Body to the Earth

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Fungi live by digesting plants and animals outside their bodies, and then sucking up the nutrients. In scientific terms, this would be among the most ecologically elegant ways of returning to the biosphere!

Cool concept:

In the US, there are basically two options for what to do with a corpse: put it in a nice outfit and place it in a casket, or torch it to an ashy powder in cremation.

For visual designer Jae Rhim Lee, these archaic options are what need to be put to rest.

“Death is the most universal event in our lives, and yet the funeral industry and all the products around it and all the services around it are not centered around a human-centered process,” Lee told Motherboard.

With the growth in environmental consciousness in mainstream America, Lee saw an opportunity to add a cheap and ecologically-friendly burial process. Dubbed the “Infinity Burial Suit,” it’s an organic cotton jumpsuit embedded with bacteria and a special breed of “Infinity Mushrooms” that detoxify and decompose the buried organic material.

A few more pictures of it.


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