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Peppermint Crunch Marshmallows

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Disasters in mixing ....

But here's the recipe and how it should work in the ideal:

Wait, why is it a disaster in mixing?

The writer is "plucky"!

"This had all been pretty straightforward so far, but I made one BIG goof: I let the marshmallow whip too long. I followed the recipe directions’ “8 to 10 minutes,” but before 8 minutes had passed the marshmallow had already worked itself into a stiff ball inside the tines of the whisk.

“That’s OK,” I thought. “I’ll just use a spatula to scrape what’s in the whisk back into the bowl.”

I added the crunch and the color, whisked very briefly to swirl both into the marshmallow, then stopped the mixer. Time to deal with that big white wad in the whisk.

But when I used my spatula to try to scrape it out, nothing happened; it was, quite simply, a solid mass of marshmallow inside a wire cage.

Becoming a bit uncomfortable with this sticky conundrum (remember the reporter and photographer?), I thought I’d wet my fingers and poke/nudge the goo through the whisk.

No dice. I ended up with two VERY messy hands – beyond messy, actually, and into goop-encased. And at least one of those hands was supposed to be wielding the iPhone, taking photos for this blog. Now, that was definitely NOT happening.

The photographer and reporter looked at me quizzically. I could see the wheels turning. “Uh, is it SUPPOSED to look like that? Does she really know what she’s doing…?”

Babbling rather hysterically, I nudged the cold water tap on with an elbow, and started vigorously rinsing my hands – sending a good portion of marshmallow down the drain instead of into the mixing bowl where it belonged.

Continuing to plow forward (before the entire bowl of fluff turned into SpongeBob), I gave up on the whisk, and grabbed a spatula."

Yes, so plucky! I didn't realize how much work this is!

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