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Save the Planet. Eat Ugly Fruits and Vegetables.

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To use the label, the produce seller must agree to charge at least 30 percent less for the item than for umblemished inventory.

The efficiencies in farming, packaging and transportation that could come from consuming such fruits and vegetables, instead of throwing them away, could eliminate one billion tons of carbon emissions a year, Mr. Chabanne contends, and save 210 million tons of food a year.

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated that a third of the world’s food fit for human consumption each year does not reach consumers.

Wow that's extraordinary savings of both energy and food. 

Ugly fruits and vegetables have no less nutritional value, right?

That's right; ugly food is just as nutritious as beautiful food.  I'm hoping ugly food becomes a trend!

There are similar marketing efforts elsewhere. In San Francisco, a start-up called Imperfect Produce operates a home-delivery service for what it describes as “cosmetically challenged’’ fruits and vegetables. In Portugal, the cooperative Fruta Feia, or Ugly Fruit, sells unphotogenic produce obtained directly from the growers.

Is it time to make an Ugly Food stash? Or wait until we save more things about this movement?

Seems like a really good movement, Geege.

Let's spread the word and help it catch on.  :)

Then we'll have us a big ol' stash!

Sounds good to me Geege. :)

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