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Medicine and Healthcare: What do doctors think about insurance companies? - Quora

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"I will say this with the utmost honesty:

We hate them as slaves hate their masters.

Especially when the slaves are physicians with endless years of education and training, who do the actual work, work which is down and dirty and uncomfortable and stressful, and who bear the responsibility for life and death. And the masters are GED clerks, MBAs, nurses who no longer practice or doctors gone bad, who sit in cushy air-conditioned offices sipping coffee, having 'business meetings', drafting up papers, raking in the dough, doing nothing useful for humanity and having no responsibility except to their pocket book.

We hate them because if patients paid us directly for office visits we wouldn't need to spend half our time doing meaningless paperwork instead of treating the patients.

We hate them because we now practice 'satisfy the bean counters, or else' instead of the healing arts. We hate them because we get called into the principal all the time and scolded because our paperwork didn't contain enough 'bullets' for the billing.

We hate them because they hide in the shadows while patients hate us for the mess.

We hate them because to those without insurance, hospital care is unaffordable, with prices inflated to many times what they could be.

Office care, OTOH, which could be very affordable, patients won't pay for out of pocket. We're not worth more than a co-pay. Because that's what insurance has drummed into the public's mind.

Our profession is more than our job. It's our identity. Yes, we hate them, as only the dispossessed can hate those who took their identity away from them.