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How A Single “W” Changed My World, And Why It Will Change Yours, Too by Café Casey

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"Exposure ignites passion, passion leads to learning, learning to enlightenment."

Okay, so I'm not enlightened, but I have learned one thing--when I open my mind to new things, things way outside my knowledge or comfort zone--that's when the magic happens.

There are an infinite number of things outside your knowledge and comfort zone.

How do you decide what is worth your time?

I say yes to the opportunity or the learning, then I find a new passion often.  This has happened with academic areas, sports, hobbies, art, careers.  Then, that thing becomes part of me, and maybe a new thing comes along.  I say yes to that and take the next step, keeping what serves me, and internalizing or learning from the things that served me earlier--and moving on. 

That's good but how do you know if something is worth learning now. Vs later, I mean.

Because there's only so much now we have. 

I don't decide.  The Universe decides for me by presenting those opportunities.  For example, years ago I studied under a professor who taught African history. I had no experience in that field and wasn't excited even to take the course.  He was one of the best professors and I'm passionate about the field and almost went to Bowling Green to study under him for a Ph.D.  

Second example:  Some of the stuff I now do in tech I didn't think would be fun--thought it'd all be a bunch of math.  I said yes when the opportunity came because a good friend needed help.  I thought it'd be hellish.  Turns out it was all life-changing and super fun.  A lot of learning, yes... but I'm all the better for it.  Now, I know a new field, get to help others, and look forward to learning more.  

Sometimes I have to put something on my read or do later list, and I'll sit down to a bit of it and the passion never materializes. That's how I know I'm not ready for it, or it's not something that's emerging in my life now. 

I'm a bit of a Cliff Claven by nature, but it all fits together nicely in the end... I think it's important to stretch the day a bit to allow for continual learning because people really do get stuck in the same cube miserable for 20 years... 

I appreciate your attitude of "wherever you go, there you are".

Still, I wonder if it's better sometimes to choose a path instead of letting the path choose you. 

Sometimes it is... but (as Musashi said) there are many paths to the top of the mountain... sometimes we set out on a path but life surprises us and takes us along a scenic route.  

Like they say in Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming!

Absolutely... So, never without a plan, just open to what life brings... 

Not all who wander are lost, eh?

Nope.  Sometimes just bored of the straight and narrow. 

Bored is a feeling I have not felt in a very long time.'s because you're not on the straight and narrow... you explore:) 

And it always feels like there's more I want to do than I have time for. 

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