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Mexico City monorail proposal—by SECITI

Mexico City has some of the worst traffic in the world, and they've come up with an interesting solution: Gondolas!

An animation of a proposed monorail system for Mexico City, made by the city's department of science, technology and innovation (SECITI).

The solution is a kind of elevated monorail, with gondolas that run on a horizontal track, and it could really help unload the city’s crowded streets, officials say. A 5km (3 mile) line could move 37 million people a year—and up to 200 million if it were extended another 10 km. For perspective, the busiest subway line transports around 290 million passengers a year.

The gondolas would also make for a more enjoyable and faster ride than a car, bus or the metro. Each one would only seat two passengers, who would set their destination when they board to avoid stopping at every station. Gliding at 15 km per hour, passengers would easily outpace the city’s crawling traffic, which moves at an average speed of 8 kph

The system in Mexico city is not strictly a cable car because it runs on a track and each cabin is equipped with its own autonomous system. Still, officials estimate the price tag for a kilometer of line would be between $9 million and $19 million, compared with $190 million for a kilometer of subway. Running and maintaining the gondolas would also be 40% cheaper than the metro and the city’s rapid bus lines, which run on their own dedicated road lanes.

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Are there any other big cities that have monorails? I like the term "floating gondolas".

Not that I've heard of, but it's a way better solution especially because the cost is so much lower than a typical motorized monorail.

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