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Veggie Diets Aren't Great for the Planet

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.....another variable in the right and save our planet.  What's the balance?  Who to believe.

The study is deceiving because it is based on calories not nutrition. Also, using more energy does not necessarily mean increasing greenhouse gases.

Critics have called the study deceiving, since a calorie of lettuce goes a lot further than a calorie of bacon, but the researchers also evaluated the USDA recommended diet (which is heavy on seafood and dairy) and found that a healthy diet uses 38 percent more energy and increases greenhouse gases by 10 percent. Yikes.

More about this:

"A calorie of lettuce goes a lot further than a calorie of bacon".  Really?  You are about to run a 10K, do you want 200 calories of lettuce or bacon?  Also interesting to compare the nutrition data, for this case and other meat vs. veggies.  If you think veggies are full of vitamins and minerals while meats aren't, think again.

Especially lettuce. Depending on the type of lettuce it's mostly water.

Yeah, weird study. Hard to take it seriously. 

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