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Pandas Have More Babies if They Can Pick Their Mates and Pandas in Love Have More Cubs

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The discovery may boost efforts to breed captive pandas, which are matched by their genetic compatibility, a new study says.

If both members of a couple had previously given each other the cold shoulder, they didn’t mate successfully, the researchers report December 15 in the journal Nature Communications

But when pandas that had been making eyes at each other finally got to be alone, they almost always hit the bull's-eye.

Read more about the costs of breeding pandas in National Geographic magazine.

Results were still good even if one member of the pair had an unreciprocated crush.

And females who’d made whoopee were twice as likely to give birth to cubs if their partner was a love interest rather than just the boring guy next door.

This must have been the GREATEST GRANT PROPOSAL ever written.

"We'd like some money to study pandas in love, please."

Pretty sure a lot of Asian tiger moms ALSO believe in matching based on genetic compatibility rather than love :p

Maybe those tiger moms could learn something from the pandas. 

Top Reddit comment:

Random matching has been going on forever and zookeepers just assumed for animals that sex was sex.

It just goes to show that experts are often missing the most basic common sense in their fields.

The vast majority of animals are assumed to have no human traits by experts which defies all logic since they are made of the same exact stuff.

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