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Mini Dashchund Water Race

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Daschund videos are awesome. 

dachshunds are adorable!!!  i love the water race.  poor valerie had to put up with a lot of insults, and poor chewie had to drop from way up high!  (but i think he came in second place, despite the commentator's version.)  i love that they wag their tails while they swim!!!

There's a book idea in there somewhere. I feel for Valerie too.

And Chewie is a great story of himself!

Know of any other good dog race videos? Or any other good daschund videos? (adam, this link no worky?)

It works but our auto formatter sometimes doesn't embed the video. 

i did find some very cute videos. i also read up on the breed a little. they have been around for 1000 years!! and the name means badger hound! (so cute!) they're all short and long so they can fit in burrows. :)

The dachshund is a dog with short legs and a long history. The breed was developed in Germany more than a thousand years ago to hunt burrowing animals such as badgers. With its short legs and long, powerful body, the dachshund could follow a badger right down into its hole. It could even fight with the badger underground. The German name for the breed was dachshund, a compound of dachs, meaning "badger," and hund, "dog." This German name was borrowed directly into English.

I love the thought of a dachshund following a badger right down into its hole! :)

I had to make a stash:

yes!  they must be such little tough guys!!!!

and your dachshund stash is perfect.  it'll be my dachshund book idea stash!!!

They do seem tough! Seems like they would be good buddies, too. 

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