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Scarlett Johansson playing beach volleyball in a sweater?!

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This image set off my WTF alarm.

She's winter on top and summer on the bottom?!


Scarlett Johansson naked swimming gif Imgur

the beach breeze is chilly, jeez Adam

I call shenanigans!

There is no beach so chilly that it requires wearing a sweater while playing volleyball.

Bikini. Bikini. Bikini!

sexy bikini beach volleyball gif oh snap

London Olympics 2012

No one in the London Olympics beach volleyball wore a sweater.

Just like no one in an LA awards show wears a sweater.

Or a bra, apparently:

Scarlett Johansson touch breast gif Imgur

This is California, since when is it actually warm at the beach? lol

Or she's not actually playing and just took the picture because he liked the color of the sweater.

Scarlett Johansson YEAH YAY gif Imgur

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