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Racist Moments of 2012, Pt.1 ~The Workplace~ - Qu33riousity

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My impression is that gaming companies are the worst in the business about racism, sexism, and homophobia because they have younger and predominantly male workers with weaker social skills. That said, it sounds like there was one aggressively bad egg in this basket plus a bunch of weaker followers; hopefully this lawsuit makes it easier for Kixeye to terminate the super-racist individual.

"...They have younger, predominantly male workers with weaker social skills..."

I was thinking the same thing.

There's a whole culture of in-game taunting racism, sexism, bigotry, bullying and hate inside of any and all of the massive online Internet games. A lot of it is captured on Youtube.

The only way I see these attitudes collectively getting better is over time.

It might take 100 years or it might take thousands of years, but eventually people will respect each other.

Till then, more inhumanity.

Well, my original comment I made for this reason: I know many great families of many ethnicities. And I believe many of those families and folks would believe that a) he was dressing like a thug b) slavery is over so get over it c) there's a proper way to write and speak and there's a non-proper way to speak.

Like Pres. Obama, I write and speak "white." Many are offended that I would even write that, but it's not me who thinks that, it's other folks white, black, Latino etc. who would say that. I also dress "white" and act "white,"; there are even members here of the pandawhale community who have told me so.

To my face.

What I'm trying to say, is that this is a very nuanced issue. If someone tells me that I dress, talk, and act "white," however insensitive it seems they are being, I understand what they are implying -- they are actually trying to issue a compliment, by saying "you're not like "them," and by "them" they mean the "thugs" they see on The Wire... The assumption being made is that most black aren't educated, and the ones who are, act "white" since white is the color of educated folks.

If only I were kidding...

Slavery is another issue entirely; but my sense, is that many "conservative" Americans feel that blacks use slavery as a guilt tool. They can't understand why a black might feel disadvantaged and want them to "get over" slavery "since it wasn't me who did it to you," and it "happened so long ago." How do I know? Because families to whom I'm extraordinarily close tell me these things about their black colleagues and their black classmates.

Do I think they're racist? No. Do I think they have some interesting ideas about race in America? Absolutely. And of course I love them all the same.

I'm not excusing the alleged behavior of any of the folks involved, but I think it's much more nuanced than a black or white case, and that the thought pattern shared in the writings is shared by a lot of Americans. I'd say at least half.

I realize San Francisco is a ethnic, gender, sexual orientation utopia, but it is the exception, not the rule.

@getting better over time

Or we become desensitized to them and they are no longer weapons of convenience.

Maybe over-sensitizing people to them is perpetuating it?

I think that is unfortunately true.

It's hard not to get desensitized to it, though.

I think it's a relatively new phenomena (last half century) that was based primarily on economics, from what I've been taught. The default state is humanity competing on geographical boundaries, not ethnic ones; would it be remiss to say that it'll return to "normal" over the next century?

Btw David the original thing you linked to was taken down.

Does it exist anywhere else on the Internets?

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