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The Case For Eating Goose During the Holidays

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NEW LIFE GOAL: eat a Canada Goose.

Are Canadian Geese the best geese?

They're the BIGGEST geese. Also they poop the biggest poops everywhere, extremely slobby animals.

Given that, why do you want to eat a slobby pooping animal?

Uh... they are all slobby poopers. Also there will be one fewer pooper.

When I was a very young child we had pet geese.  They were delicious!  But how do you get a Canada goose?

Namely, like duck, goose is swaddled in fat. So much that it actually might freak you out if you’re cooking it for the first time and didn’t expect the torrent of luscious goose fat to come out of the bird. “One of the reasons farmers raise geese is to be the pigs of the air,” says Shaw, who’s written a cookbook called Duck, Duck, Goose. “In Jewish cultures and northern European cultures where people don’t raise pigs, geese are traditionally a lard animal.”

Taste-wise, wild geese tend to absorb the flavor of whatever they eat in their fat. Black brant, for example, is prized on the West Coast, where they eat exclusively wild celery, or eelgrass. On the East Coast however, where the brant can’t get eelgrass, they taste like “low tide on a hot day,” says to Shaw. The next best thing is a white-fronted or “specklebelly” goose, but the noisy Canada goose (like the puffy jacket's namesake) is also good eating, even if hunting it is complicated by a hundred-year-old agreement between the U.S. and Canada that restricts the sale and hunting of migratory birds.

If you’re a non-hunter, it’s much easier to track down domesticated geese in a grocery store. The trick, says Shaw, is treating it like beef instead of bird—think of the breasts as bacon-capped sirloins, while the thighs are more like brisket. That distinction is important to keep in mind since it should be punishable by certain death to cook steak and brisket the same way.

Not gonna sugar-coat it Geege, I follow this guy because he is a hunter.

So you're not going to go for the LEGAL domesticated Canadian bird, eh?  

CRIMINALLY MINDED! Actually I probably will for now, although hunting geese is legal here :) But I'm interested in hunting because it's one fewer type of factory-produced meat and very underutilized... if we all ate a little more game it would probably be better for all of us. This guy preaches using all the usable parts and he genuinely seems to treat his craft with respect. Check it out if you're interested:

Thanks, HF!  I'm definitely game!

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