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How to Brew Cannabis Tinctures (Eyedroppers Full of Happiness)

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We call these "Dr Panda's Droplets of Bliss"

Wait, you're supposed to put it in your eye? I thought you're supposed to put it in drinks...

Nothing about that big red NO resonated with you, huh?

Also: remember when we learned about the Red Eye drink? Snort the salt, shoot the tequila, and squeeze the lime in your (or your friend's!) eyeball. GOOD TIMES, PANDA.

Not a good time!

I see, the NO means DON'T put these in your eyes. Whew. 

Tinctures are for drinking!

TECHNICALLY you don't drink them so much as you put the drops under your tongue and they seep into the arteries of the thin tissues there. In practice I suspect few people have the fortitude to really keep EVERCLEAR in a very sensitive part of their body for long without swallowing some of it.

Sounds unpleasant. I wonder how it can be made more pleasant?

Perhaps it is a candidate for Kalsarikannit?

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