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An Exclusive Interview with the CEO of the LEGO Group

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How often does an American CEO talk about play, trust, Kierkegaard, the aesthetic and mental aspects of work? And WHY don't American companies hire ex-academics who have the capacity and training to talk about those things with lightness yet seriousness?

American companies could learn a lot from him!

What’s the secret x factor?

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp: I think the x factor relates to the fundamental question of “Why do we exist?” Too many companies have a poor answer for that, or, at best, a complex one. The LEGO Group has a very simple answer. We strongly believe that play is vital for a child’s development, just as food, love and good health are. So we exist to make a material that no one else can make so well, something that sticks firmly together but is pliable enough for a two-year-old to take apart. And we’ve transformed this very simple idea into an integrated global business system and optimized it.

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