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Squirrel gets in the Christmas spirit by handing a pinecone to its friend...

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Meanwhile on Reddit ...

PSBattle: These squirrels partying pinecone style

Source: image-567c1d9a9c1d0-w8Sn.jpeg

Whoops, we accidentally triple squirreled. I do like that photoshop battle. :)

Holy Sorcerer's Squirrel! What the what?!  Every time I delete one another appears!

Software error.

To make it stop replicating use the URL without the .jpg which our software tries to expand automagically.


squirrels photoshop boom canon meme imgur

A rock legend!

squirrel rock legend meme imgur

Those photo shoppers have skills! I am impressed!

That is some fine squirrel photos ;)

They really are. Makes me want to go look for more. 

Geege we really do need to save things from the PS Battles subreddit more often:

And especially:

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