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British Couple Spends $100K to Clone Cancer-Stricken Dog

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A British couple has succeeded in cloning two puppies through a South Korean biotech firm from DNA samples retrieved 12 days after their beloved boxer died.

Laura Jacques, 29, and Richard Remde, 43, of West Yorkshire, England, paid $100,000 to the Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, which offers commercial dog cloning. Their 8-year-old boxer, Dylan, had died of a brain tumor in June.

Clients are advised to refrigerate but not freeze the bodies in order to retrieve the best DNA samples, according to Sooam Biotech’s website.

Okay, but is it just going to get brain cancer again? 

There's a chance but it's not a certainty. 

Well, you know what they always say: Clones are people two. 

I gusss that means cloned dogs are what? k-nines? 

Or do you double it so they are K-18s?

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