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Most common ways to die in US visualization

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I found this on an old PandaWhale post and wanted to save it to its own post. It's a very cool visualization but misleading about ABSOLUTE numbers: yes if you die between ages 5 - 14 the odds are high it would be from a car crash or cancer... but the two bars representing that cohort on this graph only account for 6000 kids a year. Meanwhile the two bars on this graph representing the 65 - 75 cohort amount to over a MILLION people per year. So this graph would be more interesting if each bar were scaled so you could see relative AND absolute values.

Thank you for the breakout from this page:

And thank you for explaining why it is misleading about absolute numbers. 

Here is an even nicer visualization, with filters on gender and ethnicity:

That was an excellent visualization.

I'd imagine a hundred years from now the causes of death chart will look very different. 

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