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The Surprising Benefit Of Going Through Hard Times

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Up to 70% of trauma survivors report some positive psychological growth like greater appreciation, empathy, and creativity.

Trauma and rebuilding are really hard to live through.

Once we're on the other side humans tend to lose the memory of a lot of the pain and suffering, and hold onto the positive things like growth.

The “rebuilding” process looks something like this: After a traumatic event, such as a serious illness or loss of a loved one, individuals intensely process the event—they’re constantly thinking about what happened, and usually with strong emotional reactions.

It’s important to note that sadness, grief, anger, and anxiety, of course, are common responses to trauma, and growth generally occurs alongside these challenging emotions—not in place of them. The process of growth can be seen as a way to adapt to extremely adverse circumstances and to gain an understanding of both the trauma and its negative psychological impact.

Rebuilding can be an incredibly challenging process. The work of growth requires detaching from and releasing deep-seated goals, identities, and assumptions, while also building up new goals, schemas, and meanings. It can be grueling, excruciating, and exhausting. But it can open the door to a new life. The trauma survivor begins to see herself as a thriver and revises her self-definition to accommodate her new strength and wisdom. She may reconstruct herself in a way that feels more authentic and true to her inner self and to her own unique path in life.

"Sink or swim"... or fly.

Sometimes walking is an option, too. 

Reminds me of the perspective/examples in Anti-Fragile

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