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The Hottest Startup Sectors in 2016

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That chart is useful.

Fintech, Health, SaaS, Big Data, and Marketplaces are in.

Everything else is out. 

Good to know, since I'm looking for a new startup to join.  So I should target a SAAS company that is building a marketplace where they can use big data to financialize health information? :-)

One of the best talks I ever saw was an entrepreneur going against the advice of all the VCs he was talking to at the time who were convincing him to specialize.  He said that he took two or three of the hottest trends and made a horizontal platform of verticalized solutions.  I forget which company it was, but they became hugely successful.  As long as you can get over that little hump/pothole in the middle of company viability, then I think you have a great idea. 

Right, any company can be successful if it finds a great market, regardless of whether it gets funded.

Ernie I think the company you described is very fundable! :)

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