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Why I think BMI is BS

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This is the last time I was in the "normal" BMI category. I had not eaten in the better part of 8 days (because I was busy having brain surgery) and my BMI was 23.7 -- which isn't even that low! For weeks after this photo, I could barely walk around the block or lift anything heavier than a half-gallon of milk.

Now my BMI is 26, which is in the "overweight" category. I lift weights, bike, hike, paddleboard, dance, and thank my lucky stars that I'm alive. I look like this (I'm the one on the right):

BMI says the lower weight is healthier. That is so patently wrong in every way that I have lost all faith in BMI as a measure of health, fitness, or much of anything.

BMI can't distinguish between a pro bodybuilder and someone who is morbidly obese. It's a very very blunt tool.

Bodyfat percentage is a better (while still accessible) metric. If you're really concerned about health, bloodwork and genetic history are closer to a gold standard.

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